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Vector Space Paradox 2655 1200 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Vector Space Paradox

Downstairs conference room at the historic AIA Baltimore / Baltimore Architecture Foundation offices and bookstore on Chase Street, a great crowd for the event, opening reception for this solo exhibition of 14 paintings including the 12-foot assembly of panels on the right, Magmatronic. Looking forward to developing more of the fusion pieces involving surrealistic landscapes…

Portal Into Being 2022 1550 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Portal Into Being

In the entry hall we installed a wonderful array of relatively small paintings alternating between Tanya’s organic painterly abstractions and my geometric hard-edged compositions for a counterpoint that really brings to life this experience of traveling into and out of the historic ground floor parlor and main great room, surrounded by intricate woodwork and elegant…

Unusually Short Stories

by Jhon Martin

script pages for opening scene: “Flower Mart” 150 150 Daniel Stuelpnagel

script pages for opening scene: “Flower Mart”

DS_FLOWER_MART_2020_excerpt_p1_Stuelpnagel.pdf Just a first page and a half, opening scene / two continuous scenes as part of this…

Creative Writing 2025 2475 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Creative Writing

I’m glad to share this – here’s the rundown on my favorite writing workbooks in a bit more…

Active Synapse Synopsis 2400 2400 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Active Synapse Synopsis

“Active Synapse Synopsis” Daniel Stuelpnagel 2019 acrylic on wood panel 30 x 30” This is one of a…

Superfine! DC 2019 2400 2400 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Superfine! DC 2019

All ready for Superfine! DC 2019 at Union Market!!  >>> https://superfine.world/dc-tickets This is one of the new paintings…