Subconscious Bridges fast track

Subconscious Bridges fast track 1600 741 Daniel Stuelpnagel

photo: Vivian Marie Doering “Subconscious Bridges” exhibition: artist Tanya Ziniewicz, Atlas Fine Arts gallery director Stephanie Schafer, owner…

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Backstage Banner

Backstage Banner 4032 3024 Daniel Stuelpnagel

This was a remarkable addition to the art for the event; a couple of weeks before, the design…

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TEDxJHU featured artist

TEDxJHU featured artist 4032 3024 Daniel Stuelpnagel

The “Ornaments Of Logic” display assembly was built by Scott Pennington to my design, which he refined quite…

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Ornaments of Logic

Ornaments of Logic 1600 1968 Daniel Stuelpnagel

We put together the completed display assembly for this piece today in my studio, my friend Scott Pennington…

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Under Construction

Under Construction 2500 1667 Daniel Stuelpnagel

The theme for TEDxJHU is “Under Construction,” and the scalable process of construction to me signifies continuous learning,…

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TEDxJHU Featured Artist

TEDxJHU Featured Artist 1106 413 Daniel Stuelpnagel

When I participated in the Madonnari Festival last October, I created a chalk art piece on the pavement…

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