Collaboration 1400 977 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Tanya and I got to spend a great deal of time together in studio visits, in the gallery…

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“A Diplomatic Solution”

“A Diplomatic Solution” 1700 1700 Daniel Stuelpnagel

This painting I created from many layers with the top layer being a spontaneous link to Tanya’s work…

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Portal Into Being

Portal Into Being 2022 1550 Daniel Stuelpnagel

In the entry hall we installed a wonderful array of relatively small paintings alternating between Tanya’s organic painterly…

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Atlas Fine Art musical afternoon

Atlas Fine Art musical afternoon 1700 1215 Daniel Stuelpnagel

  Spring gave way to summer, with music by Ultrafaux jazz trio / Hot Club of Baltimore /…

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Subconscious Bridges fast track

Subconscious Bridges fast track 1600 741 Daniel Stuelpnagel

photo: Vivian Marie Doering “Subconscious Bridges” exhibition: artist Tanya Ziniewicz, Atlas Fine Arts gallery director Stephanie Schafer, owner…

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