SURREAL 2020 1400 2000 Daniel Stuelpnagel

What bizarre and incongruous year would be complete without an art exhibition to celebrate the insanity?!


We’ve all remarked that this year of 2020 has been “SURREAL,” with all that accompanies that particular term in art history and also in our popular consciousness.

Now we’re launching this colorful exhibition to commemorate and release the entire weight of surrealist bafflement that may have plagued or enlightened us this year as we welcome the opportunity to process and move forward.

Y:ART Gallery hosts the work of Cindy Mehr, Richard Hagerty and Daniel Stuelpnagel in SURREAL, an exhibition presented by Julia Yensho.

Opening Reception РSaturday, November 14, 2020  >>>

How is it SURREAL ?  Unexpected, dreamlike, perplexing turn of events, visual kaleidoscopic images defying logic, many of the influences that informed the movement of Surrealism in the early 20th century have come full circle to make us respond accordingly to the events of 2020.




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