SURREAL 2020 2400 2400 Daniel Stuelpnagel

In a spirit of spontaneity and improvisation, imaginary worlds and journeys, this is a voyage beyond our consensus reality to a world that is SURREAL.

We’ve heard that word applied to the manic panic of 2020, the layers of social reaction making news and stressing the unexpected transformative events of this pivotal year.

SURREAL, full of dream-like scenes and symbolic images. For many, this year has been a nightmare, not only full of functional details in the forefront of our consciousness, also that symbolic imagery which has been a mixed collage of epic battles, escape attempts and somehow finding contentment within the mundane.

Which makes me think even more of Surrealist paintings and philosophy, the powerful contrasts of wild other-worldly imagery juxtaposed with the everyday details, unexpected or illogical, that make for a bizarre assemblage of ordinary objects, and that in our minds is what makes it feel like a dream, in the case of 2020, one from which we cannot awake just yet.

I’m very inspired to be invited to exhibit my latest paintings with Juli Yensho’s Y:ART Gallery in Highlandtown, Baltimore USA, along with two other artists, Richard Hagerty and Cindy Mehr, whose paintings are also colorful and evocative, each of us creating and exploring our own personal and universal lexicon of portals into this dream world.

Our show opens November 14, details and more explorations of the theme to follow!

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