Active Synapse Synopsis

Active Synapse Synopsis 2400 2400 Daniel Stuelpnagel

“Active Synapse Synopsis”
Daniel Stuelpnagel
acrylic on wood panel
30 x 30”

This is one of a few recent square paintings that I think really go best in only one direction / orientation. Many of them work in several, all four, or even hung on a corner.

The landscape pieces are more constrained into two alternatives, and since that is primarily due to a foreground / background gradient layer, when I use that technique in the square pieces, they tend to go that way too.

So this West-Coast-style piece is satisfying not only because it feels more resolved, also because I’ve been working towards integrating landscape / seascape and “geometric abstraction” since 2002, so now after more than 900 paintings I am getting there.

Some passages in this painting that I recently created impart an almost photo-representational or certainly non-abstract XYZ axis, with intermittent drop-shadows lol, yet other areas that unify the painting conflict strongly with that kind of perception, and yield to a non-verbal color field or to confounding and illogical / glitchy vector spaces.

This is my best interpretation of the tech zeitgeist filtered through our neural net involvement with the object-oriented programming construct (and successive app development platforms, AI, AR, VR, etc.) – being scalable, modular, granular, nested and hierarchical, our evolutionary minds have built a powerful stream of consciousness which has nevertheless become a cumbersome toolset that sometimes frustrates our best efforts to master it, improve it, deconstruct it … tech is us and we are living in it.

More new work coming soon!!

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