My Most Eclectic Show Ever …

2944 1218 Daniel Stuelpnagel

The show at The Alchemy Of Art gallery, “MAGMATRONIC!” is a collection of 25 paintings I created mostly in 2019.

I’ve covered a wide range of color palettes in purple and earth tones, blues and metallics, high-contrast and less so … lavender and glitter flake, charcoal and a range of grays, yellows and sandy desert colors, greens and lush hillsides …

Mainly it’s the synthesis between the geometric squares and the surrealistic landscapes and seascapes (in which I’ve also incorporated the geometric elements in intricate vector spaces) that make this probably my most eclectic show ever,

because for the past five years certainly I’ve been intent on making my exhibitions, collections and installations COHERENT and COHESIVE and kind of took it to an extreme curatorial level perhaps at the cost of showing more diverse bodies of work.

So it feels great to present a collection of work that is open to many interpretations in terms of context while still spanning the several styles to which I’ve devoted most of the past twenty years in the studio and more than a hundred exhibitions.

That context being technology, our immersion and neural networks, and related themes. And the geometric works especially express this context by themselves being scalable, modular, granular, nested and hierarchical in a range of sizes including 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ and 60″ squares.

And the landscapes complete the connection by emotionally expressing the built environment and a possibly tragic post-human architecture subsumed and regurgitated by Earth in volcanic upheaval, nonetheless a beautiful and tranquil vision of serene emptiness devoid of value judgements.

Looking forward to our closing event on September 29 !


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