Show Your Work!

Show Your Work! 973 1320 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Exhibitions have been an essential component of my artistic process since I began showing my paintings in Washington, DC in 1998, and having participated in more than 100 shows, I have not only come to appreciate the massive support and relationships, yet also to value the opportunity to gain new perspectives on my own work, by spending time with it in a curated context outside of the studio, and by hearing critique and opinions from a wide range of potential buyers, gallery and museum curators and other art lovers.

A part of this experience is to educate art investors about my style and techniques, from looking at the paintings the materials and applications may be easily visible to a trained eye yet a source of curiosity for many people as well.

I say it’s an essential component of my artistic process because exhibiting the work in a variety of venues and installations enlightens my perspective in so many ways, and transfers me from the otherwise solitary studio experience into a dynamic social interaction still centered around the experience of the art I’ve created, and that gives me so much to share and a platform for conversations about architecture, science and technology and the many influences, subject and themes that have inspired my work.


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