Urban Habitat

Urban Habitat 4351 2947 Daniel Stuelpnagel

My recent paintings are an expressive creative synthesis of composition, color and contrast, symbolic of universal themes; interconnectedness, the neural network, our immersion in technology, the architecture of the built environment which is our contemporary urban habitat.

By pursuing some inescapable psychological imperatives, the quest for integration of mind and body, of our multi-faceted personalities, system and structure with organic and holistic spheres, I continue to impart the process of creation through painting in alignment with this framework.

These prototypes and editorial efforts, continuously returning to the fundamentals while also influenced by contemporary thinking, yield a peaceful acceptance, yet form a foundation for further rebellion against the pervasive influence of technology.

It is a puzzle for which I continue to iterate solutions, to resolve the cognitive dissonance of our times through abstract representations of space and time that seem satisfyingly complex yet visually decipherable as complete and willing to release their secrets.

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