Psychologically Perturbed

Psychologically Perturbed 1700 1700 Daniel Stuelpnagel

The geometric fragmentation that characterizes my paintings may be a visual metaphor for technology, however I recognize that I’m still deciphering the symbolism in my own work year after year.

Maybe it’s not all about technology. If I set aside that idea the next thing that comes to mind is psychological fragmentation, a splitting apart of personalities and interactions, maybe this is prominent via another facet of tech which is social media.

I find it fascinating to interact with friends through instagram, so many artists and visual expressions with which I may spend such a short time in succession, yet through repeated and consistent visual interaction my own psyche perhaps integrates the influences of all these different styles and preoccupations, maybe even more than the work I witness through exhibitions in galleries and museums because I’m so much more immersed in the social media since it is so easily at hand.

In any case, this painting is one of those that may not be universally appealing yet carries a certain intensity and quirky energy that makes it feel like an important iteration to me, when I create about fifty or seventy-five paintings a year, I can build a body of work that is very diverse and that makes it exciting to curate exhibitions and bring together these radically different pieces that were painted months apart but still comprise elements of a coherent series in some ways.


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