Subconscious Bridges fast track

Subconscious Bridges fast track 1600 741 Daniel Stuelpnagel

photo: Vivian Marie Doering

“Subconscious Bridges” exhibition: artist Tanya Ziniewicz, Atlas Fine Arts gallery director Stephanie Schafer, owner John McLaren and artist Daniel Stuelpnagel

I’m thinking back on this fascinating experience last summer, I recall the immediacy of bringing Tanya’s work in conjunction with mine for a two-person show a few weeks before the scheduled opening date.

I visited her studio after seeing her extensive exhibition at Goucher College (she teaches at Towson University), and realized that she had plenty of paintings ready to go to select from in a variety of different sizes, as did I.

With Stephanie’s encouragement we brought almost 40 paintings to the gallery to sift through and set up and install, it was almost overwhelming and at first we didn’t really see a clear vision, however, with time we began to notice the connecting element among our paintings was the color palette.

Then once we gave ourselves the freedom to intersperse and alternate our work all the way around the intricate historic space on Park Avenue (Baltimore), it really gathered momentum, so we hung the show and pared down the collection to about a dozen paintings each from Tanya and me, with the resulting beautiful and poetic curated exhibition that seemed to materialize out of nowhere, our work interacting and coalescing for the first time just weeks before the opening.



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