Ornaments of Logic

Ornaments of Logic 1600 1968 Daniel Stuelpnagel

We put together the completed display assembly for this piece today in my studio, my friend Scott Pennington did a fantastic and masterful job building the circular structure of wood and aluminum, to a minimalist design created by me and my partner Maria Mendoza and refined by him to include several very intelligent structural and aesthetic changes.

The main purpose is to provide a free-standing display for an array of 32 new paintings on 12-inch-square panels that I’ve created this year with a tremendous amount of momentum for TEDxJHU coming up this Saturday, March 11 at Johns Hopkins University.


Members of the TEDxJHU team, Yvonne Yen, Steve Park, Tracy Gao, David Park, Brennan Lee and Daniel Park visited my studio numerous times, along with Clementine Guelton, and did a fun and exciting 5-camera photo and video shoot of my work for the show, you can see the video here:


Now it’s preparations for the event, more work on a new collage installation that will go on a wall outside the auditorium, and plenty of logistics and communications in advance of Saturday’s event.

And I’m so happy to have this major new piece completed after two months of consistent work, on time and ready for delivery and installation with a day and half to spare.

Another crucial and valued team member is the person who delivered this very web site for me and my art works, in an even shorter time frame, taking it from a sketch to launch in just a few weeks, artist and web designer Billy Mitchell, great work !!



All this construction will soon be complete !!

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