Under Construction

Under Construction 2500 1667 Daniel Stuelpnagel

The theme for TEDxJHU is “Under Construction,” and the scalable process of construction to me signifies continuous learning, the study of best practices and creating prototypes and models to build things to a larger scale.

There is a process of creative self-construction that we all perform in our lives as we build our careers, learning and selves based to some extent on prototypes and experimentation.

Learning is a constructive process where we seek and discover and research the precedents and components to use as materials, often without knowing what we’re looking for, and we construct and create our lives with what is available to us and what fascinates us or gives us a sense of urgency.

This is a very inspiring motivation to continue moving forward, investigating the visual composition and impact of even more recent advances in the imagery of the world around us.

The free and gestural expression of abstract painting is a way to share some of the psychological characteristics of our lives and times and I think that the stories revealed through this type of work tend to be universal and widely recognized.

It’s a form and technique that is exciting to share with people because of the common elements that many people can appreciate, such as the fact that the paintings are dynamic and colorful, yet also because of the depth of psychological resonance that is revealed when we experience the intersubjective transference of responding emotionally to abstract art.

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