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script pages for opening scene: “Flower Mart” 150 150 Daniel Stuelpnagel

script pages for opening scene: “Flower Mart”

DS_FLOWER_MART_2020_excerpt_p1_Stuelpnagel.pdf Just a first page and a half, opening scene / two continuous scenes as part of this opening sequence; I’m working on a visual approach…

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Opening Scene – sci-fi thriller !! 1600 679 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Opening Scene – sci-fi thriller !!

Whew, great day in the lexicon, right? I switched from regular coffee back to espresso today. Choirs of angels are singing; My latest feature script…

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Creative Writing 2025 2475 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Creative Writing

I’m glad to share this – here’s the rundown on my favorite writing workbooks in a bit more detail !! (ACTUALLY A LOT MORE DETAIL)…

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Active Synapse Synopsis 2400 2400 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Active Synapse Synopsis

“Active Synapse Synopsis” Daniel Stuelpnagel 2019 acrylic on wood panel 30 x 30” This is one of a few recent square paintings that I think…

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Superfine! DC 2019 2400 2400 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Superfine! DC 2019

All ready for Superfine! DC 2019 at Union Market!!  >>> This is one of the new paintings I bring to Superfine! DC this year,…

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My Most Eclectic Show Ever … 2944 1218 Daniel Stuelpnagel

My Most Eclectic Show Ever …

The show at The Alchemy Of Art gallery, “MAGMATRONIC!” is a collection of 25 paintings I created mostly in 2019. I’ve covered a wide range…

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Magmatronic Closing Reception 9/29 !! 2400 2000 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Magmatronic Closing Reception 9/29 !!

Another exciting event and opportunity to visit and tour this new collection of paintings I created, mostly 2019 works and some of the 25 paintings…

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Show Your Work! 973 1320 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Show Your Work!

Exhibitions have been an essential component of my artistic process since I began showing my paintings in Washington, DC in 1998, and having participated in…

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“World Line Memory” 2000 2000 Daniel Stuelpnagel

“World Line Memory”

“World Line Memory” Daniel Stuelpnagel 2019 acrylic on wood panel 12 x 12″ Painterly brush strokes compliment a high-contrast vector space of shadows and intersections;…

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