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Artful Interaction 1528 1280 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Artful Interaction

The joy of exhibiting new paintings is to see and talk with people interacting with the art and appreciate having them witness the process as it is encapsulated in a painting. My work reveals the processes I apply in my…

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Collaboration 1400 977 Daniel Stuelpnagel


Tanya and I got to spend a great deal of time together in studio visits, in the gallery during multiple events and a nice long run of the show, talking about the sources of our work and inspiration, the forward…

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“A Diplomatic Solution” 1700 1700 Daniel Stuelpnagel

“A Diplomatic Solution”

This painting I created from many layers with the top layer being a spontaneous link to Tanya’s work by replicating from memory a mix in Cerulean Blue and Primary Blue with Titanium White that would link this small piece with…

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Portal Into Being 2022 1550 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Portal Into Being

In the entry hall we installed a wonderful array of relatively small paintings alternating between Tanya’s organic painterly abstractions and my geometric hard-edged compositions for a counterpoint that really brings to life this experience of traveling into and out of…

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Vector Space Paradox 2655 1200 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Vector Space Paradox

Downstairs conference room at the historic AIA Baltimore / Baltimore Architecture Foundation offices and bookstore on Chase Street, a great crowd for the event, opening reception for this solo exhibition of 14 paintings including the 12-foot assembly of panels on…

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