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Art Collectors 1700 1700 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Art Collectors

Through the exhibition at Monument Sotheby’s and other venues I am curating collections of new paintings and bringing the art work in a special context in front of audiences including all sorts of people, not necessarily just art world patrons,…

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Sequential Geometry 2400 1602 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Sequential Geometry

In sequence, these paintings vary in size from 24″ squares to 30″ squares, and the larger pieces tend to be a bit more spare in compositional complexity, although as I move forward I am revisiting and reworking some of these…

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Monument Sotheby’s International Realty 824 1200 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Monument Sotheby’s International Realty

Monument Sotheby’s International Realty hosted an exhibition of a dozen of my paintings in autumn 2018, organized by my friend and art consultant Kathleen Hamill, who is Director of Contemporary and Modern Art for Alex Cooper Auctioneers. Site-specific in a…

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Vector Space Paradox 1700 1700 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Vector Space Paradox

Integrating our art into historic residential spaces brings about a wonderful journey, part time travel, part social event, part gallery exhibition, part curatorial challenge. I often install my paintings with visual continuity and especially in white box galleries or art…

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Psychologically Perturbed 1700 1700 Daniel Stuelpnagel

Psychologically Perturbed

The geometric fragmentation that characterizes my paintings may be a visual metaphor for technology, however I recognize that I’m still deciphering the symbolism in my own work year after year. Maybe it’s not all about technology. If I set aside…

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