I am one of more than a dozen artists in residence at Motor House studios, located in Baltimore's Station North Arts & Entertainment District. I began exhibiting my work in 1998, after studying painting with Herb Jackson at Davidson College in North Carolina, and continued studio classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore. I’ve created more than 700 paintings and participated in more than 100 exhibitions, and have donated dozens of art works in fund-raising for children’s arts education and literacy, housing for the disabled, public television, cancer treatment research and hospice care for terminal AIDS patients, among other worthwhile causes.

Creative Process

My current process is using acrylic paint on wood panels, and I compose with tape to create a dynamic interplay of geometric forms, paint over the piece and then remove the tape to reveal a layer of lines and shapes, and then repeat the process in five to ten or more layers until I decide that a painting has fulfilled its potential and is complete.

As much as I was fascinated by Abstract Expressionism and the psychology of spontaneous painting, I also gravitated early on to the Minimalist grid-based work of Piet Mondrian, Agnes Martin, Frank Stella and many other 20th-century artists.

The additive elements of lines for me are just as gestural as splashes of paint, and many of the layers incorporate painterly passages and subtle textures. Reductive aspects of the process include scraping with palette knife while the paint is wet and sanding down the surface to flatten the layers and produce an intricate patina after the paint is dry.

The creative process of painting, composing, editing and curating is something I often pursue through an extensive series of working on multiple pieces simultaneously, in order to nurture a sense of continuous experimentation and develop many originals that can be closely related yet explore similar themes in different directions.


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